grrrowan asked: in response to your last ask, i'm also pretty sure there is data to show that when overweight people try to diet all the time it increases their chances for heart-related risks and more. that if you're overweight you should maintain your weight rather than weight cycle because it can make cholesterol higher n stuff

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Yeah, dieting, especially yoyo and unhealthy diets are really hard on the body. And only 5% I think of people who lose more tha 10% of their total body weight keep it off.


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Anonymous asked: I'm sure you've gotten this question a hundred times and you don't have to answer it, but, okay - so it IS possible to be healthy and overweight? But even then that would be quite hard to achieve, wouldn't it? Wouldn't most overweight people still be unhealthy? I really don't know anything about this so I apologise if I come off ignorant or rude.

I appreciate taking the time to like, actually ask I guess, even though you’re still making assumptions and concern trolling, albeit unintentionally.

Unfortunately, there’s really no research to back up the claim that you can be fat and healthy, because people seem to only focus on being fat and unhealthy. and while being fat is a precursor to a lot of issues, it’s not absolute.

google fat athletes. there are plenty of people who are fat and still fit. 

bodies are all naturally different. there are people who will always be heavy and people who will always be thin. Someone who is 30lbs over weight might not have blood pressure problems because it’s hereditary, not because they’re overweight. someone who’s thin and has a fast metabolism might have dangerously high blood pressure because they have a high sodium diet. skinny people aren’t immune from “fat people problems,” and some studies say there really isn’t a difference.

we are conditioned to believe that people are fat because it’s something they did to themselves and it’s a horrible killer. and while there are health risks to being fat, there isn’t really anymore than taking ibuprofen (which can cause stomach ulcers and liver failure), birth control (blood clots, stroke, etc), smoking, drinking, driving a car, or just living (spoiler alert: we all die). 

like being skinny any healthy is pretty hard too, wouldnt you say? you still have to work out and eat right and whatever. There are plenty of thin people who dont do any of that, but people think are healthy. that girl who ate chicken nuggets for 16 years was thin and was super unhealthy. Fat people, and people who are over the bmi, which is ridiculous (seriously, is this woman unfit?), can work out just as much, and eat super healthy diets and still be fat. Why? because that’s how some bodies work.

I spend 35 hours a week with half naked women, reassuring them that their tiny bit of under arm skin is perfectly normal and they shouldn’t be (literally) crying about having "back fat". The idea that any amount of fat is embarrassing, unhealthy, and unsightly is so fucking damaging, even to the thickest of skin. and it’s a rhetoric that really needs some remodeling.

I’m not saying there aren’t unhealthy fat people, there are. there are also unhealthy skinny people. but we like to blame weight as the end all be all cause of everything. Have cancer? It’s cause you’re fat. Oh, you broke your leg because someone pushed you off a curb? It broke because you put too much weight on it. not because someone pushed you off a curb for being fat.

at the end of the day, someone’s weight, healthy, lifestyle, nail polish color, whatever, is no one’s business but their own. Telling a fat person they need to lose weight or they’re going to die is just as uncouth as telling a thin person to eat a sandwich. Fat people are discriminated  at work/for jobs, at the doctor (read all the horror stories at thisisthinprivilege), at the store, at restaurants (i still dont like eating in public because of the way people look at me like “how dare she eat”), and constantly worry if people are with us as jokes or because they fetishize us.

it doesn’t really matter if someone is healthy or unhealthy. it’s none of your business. and loving yourself isn’t “promoting an unhealthy lifestyle,” it’s not feeling like shit because you are a human being and you deserve to love yourself and respect. we need to change the rhetoric from “but see, fat people can still be unhealthy” to “people are people and people are prone to breaking and everyone deserves respect unless they’re racist or sexist or hate pizza.”



Nathan Fillion’s panel Q&A at Phoenix Comic Con | June 7, 2014 (x)

Q: If Firefly had gone on longer, what is something you would’ve hoped to have gotten to do with either just Mal or the story in general?

And they’re all beagles, right?

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billy bob thorton’s character in fargo is horrifying and awesome


Rebecca YanovskayaWinged series — sequel to “Ascent of Man”. This is “Descent of Man”, Ballpoint on Moleskine, 15.5x10.5”, 22K Gold Leaf & Shell Gold, 2014

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